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“Zombie Startups”

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Firm hopes to save Silicon Valley from zombie start-up apocalypse

Do you own any worthless private stock?

If so, you are not alone. Sooner or later, every active investor gets stuck with private investments that lose much or all of their value. Savvy angel, venture, and private equity investors understand that worthless private stock can be divested to create valuable tax write-offs that offset capital gains on their winning investments. In fact, the value of current year tax write-offs on worthless private stock often surpasses the liquidation value of the assets themselves.

If you made investments that turned into low-value private stock or other “living dead” assets, you can turn to CapGain Solutions to extract real value from them this year. CapGain Solutions can help you liquidate your worthless private stock and zombie investments to potentially realize your capital loss in the current tax year. Your documented losses may be used to offset your capital gains (and ordinary income in many cases), thus minimizing your tax obligations. By working with CapGain Solutions, you get complete date-of-sale documentation needed for Federal and state tax returns as well as for GAAP audit compliance.

The process is simple — and the results are definitive.  We will even support you in audits.