What investors are saying about working with CapGain Solutions to realize losses on private securities.

Greg Eaton

“We deeply care about the tax liability for both our limited partners and for the general partners.  By allowing a fund to harvest the tax losses from losers with 100% certainty, we can offset losses against gains for a given calendar year.  But selling our rare loser investments to our back office provider, our law firm, or someone who charges $25 does not cut it for a venture firm that needs 100% certainty.  Cap Gain Solutions meets the needs of VC firms as well as those their audit firms.”
~ Greg Eaton  Managing General Partner, Harmony Venture Partners and Founder, Rembrandt Ventures Partners

Ralph Eschenbach

“As an active angel investor, I unfortunately have my share of losing private investments.  Gary Kremen, whom I have backed previously as an angel investor in his start ups Match.Com and Clean Power Finance (now Spruce Power), has delivered a bullet proof way of realizing tax losses on private securities.  I urge you to investigate it.”
~  Ralph Eschenbach  15 years at HP’s corp R&D, developed GPS technology CTO at HP spinout Trimble Navigation, last 10 years spent angel investing with Sand Hill Angels and VP Sand Hill Angels.

Rich Kelley

“Many of the limited partners in our private equity funds are taxable investors.  As general partners, we pay taxes, too.  If we have a taxable gain on one of our investments and can sell a loser that can be used to offset that gain, that is a win-win.  What Gary Kremen has put together at CapGain Solutions gives us an elegant solution to establishing a definitive price and date for the sale of private securities.”
Rich Kelley  Principal, Search Fund Partners

“The U.S. Tax Code is reasonable in one sense:  it allows us general partners to recoup value from our money-losing investments by creating offsets to the taxable capital gains on our winners.  This can deliver substantial reductions to our tax bills.  CapGain Solutions helps us capture that value and gives us the process and documentation needed to control the timing of when we legally realize our losses.  Make CapGain Solutions part of your financial plan as a general partner, and let them help you shield your gains.”

~ James Cham  Partner at Bloomberg Beta

Ben Black

“Public equity investors are obsessed with the tax implications of their trading.  Private equity investors rarely give taxes a second thought at the point of liquidity. Being able to harvest losses to offset a gain should be a basic tool in the tool box of every private equity investor. Now, with CapGain Solutions, we can.”
Ben Black  General Partner and Managing Director of Akkadian Ventures, Co-founder of the Momentumindex.com

Paul Fong

“As a tax focused CPA, I had a client who sold a private security to his half brother. The Franchise Tax Board of California discovered this (they might have even used Google) and disallowed the sale. This cost the client real money. It is essential to demonstrate a true arms-length sale with proper documentation.”
~ Paul Fong  Senior Manager Tax Practice, Burr Pilger and Mayer