Selling private assets for tax loss purposes has never been easier.

Selling private assets to CapGain Solutions is a straightforward process. You will receive proper documentation for tax loss purposes (for IRS and state taxing authorities as well as GAAP audit compliance). CapGain Solutions’ process works like this:

  1. You fill out our online sales form, detailing the asset(s) you wish to sell in the current tax year.
  2. We email you a written offer, with a price determined by our proprietary valuation algorithm.
  3. If you are okay with the offer, you accept our offer and pay our service fee on-line via credit card or PayPal. (Venture capital, private equity, and angel investors in recognized angel groups can pay via invoice by contacting us.)
  4. We email you a Binding Asset Transfer Agreement customized to our transaction.
  5. You sign the Binding Asset Transfer Agreement electronically.
  6. Using the FedEx mailing label we provide at our expense, you send us your endorsed original stock certificate(s), an affidavit of loss, or evidence of your ownership, plus other documentation related to your original purchase of the asset.
  7. We send you a digital copy of the counter-signed Binding Asset Transfer Agreement. 
  8. We mail you a check for your asset(s) and any additional documentation your accountant requests.  The fully executed Binding Asset Transfer Agreement and cancelled purchase check will be your documentation of the transaction.

If you wish to sell two or more assets to CapGain Solutions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to handle your unique situation.

For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions and View Some Example Scenarios.