We make it easy to sell stock and assets and shield your gains.

Here’s the process to sell stock and assets to CapGain Solutions:

  1. Start the transaction by filling in the form below.  It is okay if you do not know all the answers or the form does not fit your situation exactly.  We will keep your information strictly confidential.
  2. We will analyze your asset(s) with our proprietary algorithm and email you a purchase offer for your asset(s).
  3. When you accept our offer and pay the service fees due (if you are an institutional investor, contact us), we will then send you our Binding Asset Transfer Agreement, which you will sign electronically.
  4.  Using a FedEx mailing label we provide, you send us your endorsed stock certificate(s) or other proof of asset ownership and any other documents related to your original asset purchase.
  5. We will countersign the Binding Asset Transfer Agreement and return the original to you along with a check for the purchase price. This will document your sale price and date.
  6. At the same time we will handle any transfer restrictions by contacting the Issuer with appropriate paperwork.

Again, it is okay if you don’t have all the requested information.  Please provide as much as you can. The more information you can provide now, the faster and easier we can make the transaction for you.

Thank you for choosing CapGain Solutions whenever you need to sell stock to shield your gains.