Why would I want to sell my asset(s)?

There are many reasons you might want to your asset(s). The most common reason is you want to divest an asset in a given year to take a taxable loss to offset a taxable gain on a different asset you sold during the same year.

Another common reason is you want to remove an asset from your books.  Occasionally, assets need to be sold to facilitate closing down an investment vehicle.

Selling your shares to CapGain Solutions creates a definitive transaction that will survive audit scrutiny and document a specific date on which your realized your capital loss. This enables you to recognize your loss in the current tax year. Selling to CapGain Solutions can be especially helpful if the company you want to write off has not been closed with formal legal documentation, or it is still in operation but is “walking dead,” and the tax write off is worth more to you than owning the stock.