How is the offer price set?

Our proprietary algorithm values your asset(s) and determines the price we will be willing to pay. For most assets, the purchase price is under $100.  If you feel there are extenuating circumstances making your assets worth materially more than our offer, please contact us.

We consider numerous factors, including the following:

Pricing factorConsiderations in using the pricing factor
Operating statusIs the company still in business?

Total capital raisedHow much capital has been raised, at what valuation and when?
Types of Securities IssuedIs the security being purchased debt or equity? What are the rights and preferences? What are the restrictions on transfer?
Investor groupAre the investors the founders, angels, or institutional investors?
Brand or IP valueWhat is the status of patents or trademarks? Is there any other IP such as brand recognition?
Availability of current informationCan we compile and independently verify the above information?

Is the company operating updated website, accurate contact info, active board of directors?
Cash Flow statusIs the asset currently generating cash flow? Is it EBITDA positive?
Credible potential for future value Are there events in the future that might make the underlying asset more valuable?
Liquidity event probabilityWhat is the probability that a liquidity event will happen?
Percent ownershipWhat is the percent ownership associated with the assets? For example how many shares are outstanding and what is the number of fully diluted shares ?
Status of state and federal filingsAre filings current?
Management TeamIs the management team in place? Are team members being compensated? Are they working other outside projects?