CapGain Solutions was formed to help investors write off private stock.

CapGain Solutions was founded in 2012 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Gary Kremen (founder of Match.Com, Clean Power Finance, Sociogramics and other companies) and Michael McTeigue (founder of Norian, SportSense, and the “Effortless Golf Swing“). They have collaborated on early stage companies for over twenty years.

As entrepreneurs and angel investors, many times Gary and Michael had “fallen angel” investments that were more valuable (from an income tax perspective) if sold for even $1, rather than kept in hopes they might be worth something in the distant future.  However, their tax CPA raised persistent questions about how the losses were realized and when they could be recognized and how could this be backed up in an IRS or FTB audit.

Having learned that other types of investors – venture capital, private equity, angel, real estate and corporate – face similar issues, Gary and Michael formed CapGain Solutions to help investors divest fallen-value, worthless, or zombie securities and receive proper documentation to establish a definitive sale price and date.

CapGain Solutions is the dba of ZAH, LLC (Zombie Apocalypse Holdings). We called it Zombie Apocalypse Holdings because our goal is to help investors such as yourself get rid of the “living dead.”

Market acceptance has been great – see these testimonials from venture capitalists, private equity investors and angel investors.

We strive to make your asset sale transaction as streamlined and painless as possible.  If you have questions or special circumstances, feel free to contact us, and we will respond as quickly as we can.

icon_new_smallWe are looking for interns! If you know someone who wants valuable start up experience in on line marketing, please send them the link to our intern position.